Can Twitter Likes Gauge your Influence on Twitter?

News 07:11 November 2023:

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People who are up on branding or web marketing have perhaps unveiled by now that Twitter is great site to spontaneously expand your reach. If you are a newbie on Twitter, you may feel slightly perplexed. Firstly, what are Twitter likes and followers? How would you possibly obtain them? What would you do to earn more of these?

On the other hand, if you are already insightful about Twitter, then you are well-versed of the fact that it is quite advantageous for marketing and enterprise. Probably, one vital query that always pops on your mind is: how many likes and followers do I need to earn in order to succeed in Twitter?

Are you fully aware if you are having a significant impact on social media platforms, especially on Twitter? Would you like some tips and tricks on how to gauge your influence on social media? Then, keep reading!

In reality, as Twitter expands, tools in improving user experience and gauging your influence are continuously emerging all over the internet. We become acquainted with various tools that incessantly offer means to aid users keep track of their social media influence. Of course, this is particularly helpful if you use social media for money-making ventures and business.

There are literally some tools that allow Twitter users to approximately gauge their social media influence. In general, to measure whether you are considered influential or not on Twitter, there has to be 2 fundamental concepts behind influence metric and these comprise of the following:

         The influence hinges on the amount of attention your audience can provide you.

         The amount of attention you could provide is disseminated among all users who follow you. Take in mind that the more you follow, the less attention you could provide each one.

Typically, the score you obtained serves as a reflection of the amount of attention your audience can both provide you directly and the amount of attention they bring you from their audience.

Be reminded that it truly matters the most to examine and determine your posts on Twitter and have deeper understanding of your followers. More than that, always remember that every video, message, follower and photo could have a remarkable impact. The analytics on Twitter are precisely designed to aid users grasp how the content that you share on this social media platform bolsters your brand or business.

In the same way, it is on your activity dashboard on Twitter where you will uncover the metrics for each one of your post. As a Twitter user, you will learn precisely the number of periods Twitter users have viewed, RTed, responded and liked each post or tweet you share.

On the other hand, your audience insights dashboard has all the vital data regarding users who follow you on Twitter. It is interesting to know that it is also possible to monitor the growth of your audience over time and know more regarding the demographics and interests of your audience. This way, you can have idea how much influence you have.

Are Twitter Likes only Important to Narcissists?

Perhaps nearly every one of us will side with the reality that having a great amount of Twitter likes on your Twitter profile is something that significantly boosts your ego and spirit. After all, the main reason or if not, one of the reasons why we join in any social media platform is to socialize – if you don’t agree with this, then why you are on Twitter?

There are Twitter users who claim that the number of likes on their Twitter does not actually matter at all, but admit it or not, it is somehow degrading or dismaying on your part when not even one noticed or liked the content that you shared. While your world of course will not collapse even if you got zero likes on your tweets, admittedly, this is somewhat hurting and embarrassing. So, if you’re one of those who are still claiming that it is alright not to get even one like on your tweets – don’t you think you’re acting weird? Well, if not, are you simply impassive?

Are Twitter likes only perceived as quite valuable to narcissists?

Well, the truth is that everyone somehow has the even the slightest desire to get noticed, get liked and most especially get appreciated through simple tweets. Perhaps, someone is emotionless if he found out that not even one of his followers agreed with what he shared –of course this does not apply if you only got a couple of audience.

In point of fact, one’s insecurity may unleash when not given even just a slight attention in any social media he participated in. Somehow, there is a kind of thought and feeling of being rejected, not wanted and incapable of influencing others. By all means, nearly all of us feel glad when a number of people agree with you, like what you say and share to them and when some even try to repost what you circulated- for all these mean that you matter and what you say or share matters!

That said, it simply implies that captivating other’s attention does not only apply to narcissists. You are not considered a narcissist if you simply wish other’s to notice you, agree with you or appreciate what you share them. Of course, you’ve got to learn how to return the favor to your followers. Social media is all about give and take kind of bond.

As mentioned earlier, once you joined any social media platform- the goal always boils down to one thing and that is to socialize. You are stoic if you don’t feel any guilt or insecurity when you and your tweets are frequently unnoticed. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be liked, noticed and appreciated- remember that! However, it is not fair to always expect likes and RTs from others when you don’t do the same to them.

On the other hand, being a narcissist is being selfish and too self-absorbed. You merely want your followers to do all the favors for you and you aren’t even eager to return the favor to them. Learn the difference!